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NYCIFF 2012 with Founder and President Roberto Rizzi

I was so honored to be nominated for best actress in the 2012 Short Film Category!

2012 NYCIFF I was nominated for best actress in the short film category

July 2012 New York City International Film Festival Red Carpet

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I just finished playing Beth in Neil Simon’s California Suite at the Actors Workout Studio in NoHO from Feb 8- 23. I also got to play the role of Diana for a week while the other actress recovered from the flu. Very fun and very challenging! I especially loved the Brittish Actress role of Diana (a bit of a diva) but she has a great heart and really loves her husband…it’s a touching scene of unrequited love, and I got to do my Brittish accent! Fun! Beth was a great character too, very witty dry humor, she’s on vacation from Chicago with her hubby and two best friends and it gets hilarious when they end up in a full brawl in the Beverly Hills Hotel. The Chicago accent was really fun to use too, but very different from Standard Brittish so I really had to change from two extremes throughout the show.

Neil Simon’s writing is awesome to work with and we had a very talented cast and crew, so all in all it was a good experience.

Now I’m preparing a scene from the one act play Rosemary With Ginger for an intensive master class with my favorite acting teacher Larry Moss. Larry has coached several actors in academy award winning roles such as Hilary Swank and Leonardo DeCaprio. He is truly a master of the craft and one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met; so when I get the chance to take his workshops I do so with relish! It’s very demanding work, but the best training I’ve ever received.

Recently I was given three books written by Paul J. Stam that are going to be turned into movies. The Producer who has the rights to all three, Wendell “Skip” Wright has already asked me to play a lead role in “A Question Of Reputation” and we are currently working on the development/production status of this film as well as the others. Skip and his Production Company “Pohaku Productions” are based in Seattle Washington, and the first production will most likely be shooting in the Pacific Northwest region.

Jill and I are also doing a staged reading of our Sit com pilot “Define Family” with very talented actors at the end of this month and are excited to get the project developed into and sold as a TV series.

As for the short film my writing/producing partner Jill and I are working on, we have a couple of new investors and plan to have all the necessary funds together to begin filming by March 08. “The Negotiator” will be Jeremiah Acerra’s directorial debut.

I just finished shooting the Film “The Boston Strangler, the Untold Story” for Barnholtz Entertainment with The Weinstein Company distributing. I got to play the role of Sondra Desalvo opposite David Faustino (Married With Children),  Johhny Liska, and Kostas Sommer. It was fun and I got to do a Boston Accent!

That’s it for now as far as business goes, but let me get in a quick plug……please adopt stray cats and dogs and love each other!  Peace!