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Sonia Curtis as Deputy Goodrich arresting Eric Cash Behind the Scenes and with the star Leilani Sarelle.

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COTH_posterBeth Henley’s Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy, ”Crimes of the Heart” opened on Friday night, August 13, 2010 at the Whitmore Lindley Theatre in North Hollywood, CA. Directed by Veronica DiPippo and produced by Alicia Benavides Greenfield and Sonia Curtis Acerra the story takes place in Hazelhurst, Mississippi.
In this stage play, one disaster after another falls into the laps of three Southern sisters. The playwright presents the tragedies in the form of story-telling gossip which kept the audience captivated and enthralled. The play is Greek tragedy meets Southern comedy.


The 3 siblings, Lenny, Meg and Babe share a love/hate relationship with one another, which is particularly evident between the oldest sister Lenny (played brilliantly by Sonia Curtis) and the middle sister, Meg (portrayed by Victoria Profeta). The story takes place on Lenny’s 30th birthday, in which every one has appeared to have either forgotten or treated it as if it were no big deal. In addition to her ‘turning-30 blues,’ she is told that her 20 year old horse, Billy Boy, has been struck and killed by lightning. As if this weren’t enough to keep her in a funk, she is continually reminded by her sisters that she has a shrunken ovary, which Lenny fears will keep her from finding a husband.

“I love theater. I was raised in NYC . I’ve done lots of theater as an actress, and then had a non-for profit theater NYC, which I produced plays . I came to LA after 911, to continue my acting career on TV &film. I always had a burning desire to produce and then this wonderful opportunity presented it self. I then realize that this was a gem. To work with mostly strong women from director to producers. I couldn’t turn it down :) .” said Alicia Benavides Greenfield, producer & actress. She continue “I’ve seen the film,and after reading the play by Beth Henley , I realized that it depicted and magnified quirky, dysfunctional, and traditional families. I felt strongly that anyone can relate to this fun emotional roller-coaster, hopefully not every day, but enough to feel for this strong characters portray in Beth Henley play.”

Lenny’s character is clearly sad, but endearing, as her trouble’s pale in comparison to her youngest sister, Babe (fancifully played by Kincaid Walker) who has just shot her husband, Zachary, in the stomach. When asked why she did it, she only replies, ”I didn’t like his voice.”
“Myself I’m from NYC have a strong desire to raise the bar. I have a strong theater background. LA theater is not as prevalent or respected as theater in NY. Hopes are to bring that belief-system to LA, and bringing the respect for Theatre here in Los Angeles. Why not ? The audience gets to see a live performances at affordable prices , and every nite as you know is different. Spontaniety is good ! As I’m a working Actress, I will continue to produce plays and films.” Concluded Ms. Benavides.
With Babe in deep trouble, the middle sister, Meg, returns from Hollywood, where her singing career has fallen apart due to going temporarily insane and becoming a lush, involving herself with too many men. The siblings grandfather is in the hospital possibly on his death bed and Meg doesn’t have the heart to tell him that she’s working a regular job and no longer singing. She concocks a few far-fetched stories about co-starring in a film and recording her new album to appease him. The story weaves in the fabric of life experience, just a true life experience molds us as children into who we become as adults. The 3 sisters have become accustomed with a dramatic and tragic existence, starting from their own troubled childhood, having to deal with their mother hanging herself with her cat to escape their abusive father.
“I love the play and did a scene from it in a Larry Moss advanced intensive. Larry gave me the part of Lenny and I was really moved by how deep she is and how funny and witty these southern characters in the play are. My friend Victoria Profeta and I had worked together on Laundry and Bourbon and wanted to work together again and after reading dozens of plays we chose Crimes of the Heart.” said producer & actress Sonia Curtis Acerra. She continue “I love the blend of comedy and drama in the play, and think it is a great play with a lot of heart and also wonderful roles for women. Larry Moss also told me that I should do the play, and I really respect Larry and trust his insight, so I did!”
Although the stories are comedic and seem chancy, Henley has created a touching story which relates to all and transcends time. The zany, offbeat behavior of the sisters take on a life of their own – silly, yet believable logic – so much so that when Babe explains that after she shot Zachary she made herself a pitcher of lemonade because she was thirsty, it seems perfectly realistic and normal. The writing of this play is sheer perfection, and the actors portray the characters with a believable brilliance. The sisters deal with each catastrophe in their own maniacal manner. It’s their survival instinct, bond with one another, honesty and love that makes this play believable as the audience sympathizes and laughs with them through each embellished experience. Through the silliness, the sadness and the wacky tales, this comedy drama is ultimately about letting go of the past and facing the future with hope, uncertainty and freedom.
Ms. Acerra added. “I hope to entertain the viewers and bring them both to laughter and tears. Theater and film provide a safe place for the audience to emote and experience their feelings by giving them permission to let go, so hopefully we are giving them that experience. As for the message, There is a theme of abuse in the play and showing women being oppressed a bit by men, plus it shows a character who is too afraid to stand up for herself but through her love for her sisters and with their support she finds the courage she needs to stand up and fight back.”
It is a perfectly blended mix of laughter and emotion. Under Veronica DiPippo’s sensitive direction, the Whitmore Lindley Theatre production comes across funny, believable and moving. The actors played their roles truthfully and their comedic timing was excellent. Their accents were convincing and the stage and dress were set true to the time period.
“My husband and I are going to produce a short film called “Most Precious Blood” about human trafficking, and I have a few scripts around town that I am trying to get the financing for or get sold to a network and made for television.” Ms. Acerra concluded.
The actresses – Sonia Curtis as Lenny, Brenda Lasker as Cousin Chick,Victoria Profeta as Meg and Kincaid Walker as Babe.
The actors – Nate Orr as Meg’s former boyfriend – Doc Porter, and Alec Beard as Babe’s lawyer, Barnette.

”Crimes of the Heart” is playing at the Whitmore Lindley Theatre located at 11006 Magnolica Blvd., North Hollywood, CA. 91601. Scheduled shows are August 13-15,th 20-22nd and 27-29th. To find out more go
About Crimes of the Heart:
At the core of this tragic comedy are the three Magrath sisters, Meg, Babe, and Lenny, who reunite at Old Granddaddy’s home in Hazlehurst, Mississippi, after Babe shoots her abusive husband. The trio was raised in a dysfunctional family with a penchant for ugly predicaments and each has endured her share of hardship and misery. Past resentments bubble to the surface as they’re forced to deal with assorted relatives and past relationships while coping with the latest incident that has disrupted their lives. Each sister is forced to face the consequences of the “Crimes of the Heart” she has committed.
About award-winning Filmmaker, Director and Writer Veronica DiPippo:
An award-winning filmmaker, director and writer, Veronica has directed numerous original works for theatre including Sins of the Father at The Met Theatre, Los Angeles, Off-the-Wall at the Writers Theatre, New York, and Roaring Girls at Musical Theatre Works, New York, as well as classics such as August Wilson’s Fences. As a playwright, over thirty productions of her plays and one-acts have been produced at theatres across the country. Her newest play Lulu’s Last Stand is set to premiere at Theatre 40 in Los Angeles in October, 2010.
Veronica began her career as an actor with John Strasberg’s Mirror Repertory Company in New York City where she also studied acting with fellow company member Geraldine Page. She is a graduate of The Drama Studio, London at Berkeley and SUNY where she holds a degree in writing for film and television. She is a member of the Writers Guild, Women In Film, the Alliance of Women Directors and The Dramatists Guild. For more information, please visit
About Producer Sonia Curtis Acerra:
Sonia Curtis Acerra was introduced to Hollywood through her father, a famous Hollywood Stuntman. She grew up visiting film and television sets regularly and after playing the lead role in her high school musical “Bye Bye Birdie” she was hooked on acting. Sonia was accepted to the USC BFA Program for acting but was unable to attend because she began working right after high school. While working on various TV shows she continuously trained with great teachers such as Bill Traylor at The Loft, Roy London, Cameron Thor and Sandra Seacat. She went on to book recurring roles on “Family Ties”, “Days of Our Lives”, and “Roseanne” and her film credits include “The Monster Squad” and “Terminal Bliss.”
After many years of acting Sonia also began to coach actors privately and in groups and began writing and developing scripts for film and television. Last year Sonia produced and starred in a short film “Deception” directed by award winning director Pamela Dresser. Currently she has several projects in various stages of development. “Crimes of the Heart” is the first theater production Sonia has undertaken. She is very grateful for all the support she has received from Victoria Profeta, Veronica Dipippo, Alicia Benavides Greenfield, Zac Polhamus and all of the wonderful cast and crew and her amazing husband Jeremiah Acerra who has helped with many aspects of this production. For more information, please visit
About Producer Alicia Benavides Greenfield:
In 2000 Alicia Founded the NewMan theatre Company a non-profit theater company in NYC. She produced original pieces such as “Dinner at the Manse” by Ara Anasa, as well as “‘Danny and the Deep Blue Sea” by pulitzer prize winning writer/directer John Patrick Shanley in which she played the lead role as Roberta.
Alicia Majored in Film/Media at NYU and has consistently trained and worked as an actress for the past 15 years.
Currently she studies with Joanne Barron/DW Brown in Los Angeles. Alicia is honored to be debuting as a producer here in LA NOHO with “Crimes of the Heart.” For more information, please visit
About Get Real Productions:
Get Real Productions was founded in 1999 by Sonia Curtis with a creative vision to teach actors, inspire, write, produce and direct various projects in the entertainment industry. The main goal at Get Real Productions is to find and develop new talent and projects and encourage partnership with other talented positive people who bring hard work, good attitudes, dedication and professionalism to their craft. For more information, please visit


Postcard_v1Ca Suite Post Cardayout_1[1]California Suite Wrap Party Photos 009

I just finished playing Beth in Neil Simon’s California Suite at the Actors Workout Studio in NoHO from Feb 8- 23. I also got to play the role of Diana for a week while the other actress recovered from the flu. Very fun and very challenging! I especially loved the Brittish Actress role of Diana (a bit of a diva) but she has a great heart and really loves her husband…it’s a touching scene of unrequited love, and I got to do my Brittish accent! Fun! Beth was a great character too, very witty dry humor, she’s on vacation from Chicago with her hubby and two best friends and it gets hilarious when they end up in a full brawl in the Beverly Hills Hotel. The Chicago accent was really fun to use too, but very different from Standard Brittish so I really had to change from two extremes throughout the show.

Neil Simon’s writing is awesome to work with and we had a very talented cast and crew, so all in all it was a good experience.

Now I’m preparing a scene from the one act play Rosemary With Ginger for an intensive master class with my favorite acting teacher Larry Moss. Larry has coached several actors in academy award winning roles such as Hilary Swank and Leonardo DeCaprio. He is truly a master of the craft and one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met; so when I get the chance to take his workshops I do so with relish! It’s very demanding work, but the best training I’ve ever received.

Recently I was given three books written by Paul J. Stam that are going to be turned into movies. The Producer who has the rights to all three, Wendell “Skip” Wright has already asked me to play a lead role in “A Question Of Reputation” and we are currently working on the development/production status of this film as well as the others. Skip and his Production Company “Pohaku Productions” are based in Seattle Washington, and the first production will most likely be shooting in the Pacific Northwest region.

Jill and I are also doing a staged reading of our Sit com pilot “Define Family” with very talented actors at the end of this month and are excited to get the project developed into and sold as a TV series.

As for the short film my writing/producing partner Jill and I are working on, we have a couple of new investors and plan to have all the necessary funds together to begin filming by March 08. “The Negotiator” will be Jeremiah Acerra’s directorial debut.

I just finished shooting the Film “The Boston Strangler, the Untold Story” for Barnholtz Entertainment with The Weinstein Company distributing. I got to play the role of Sondra Desalvo opposite David Faustino (Married With Children),  Johhny Liska, and Kostas Sommer. It was fun and I got to do a Boston Accent!

That’s it for now as far as business goes, but let me get in a quick plug……please adopt stray cats and dogs and love each other!  Peace!